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Say ‘I Love You’ with Heart-Shaped Jewelry

In the delicate dance of emotion and expression, nothing captures the essence of love quite like heart-shaped jewelry. At Golden Lion Jewelry, we believe that every piece of jewelry should tell a story, and our heart-shaped collection is crafted to narrate tales of love, heritage, and pride. Each piece is not just an accessory; it’s a testament to the profound connections that define our lives.

1. “Ukrainian Love” Eternity Bead

Celebrate your roots with the “Ukrainian Love” Eternity Bead, a unique fusion of elegance and heritage. This exceptional piece features a .925 sterling silver Ukrainian Tryzub gracefully suspended from a red dangling heart eternity bead, adorned with intricate floral detailing near the hole . The 4mm hole accommodates most European bracelets, allowing you to express your love and pride with a touch of sophistication. Please note that this bead holds its own unique significance and is not affiliated with any major brands.

32 eternity bead with small heart 1

2. Ukrainian Love Pendant: Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold

Wear your heart on your sleeve and your love for Ukraine around your neck with our .925 sterling silver Tryzub and heart pendant. This delightful design seamlessly blends the iconic Tryzub symbol with a heart motif, creating a piece that speaks volumes about your deep affection for your homeland. Available in both Sterling Silver and 14kt solid gold, this pendant is a timeless representation of love and cultural pride.

ukrainian love pendant heart

3. God & Country Pendant: Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold

Unveil the harmony of faith and heritage with the “God & Country” Pendant. This exquisite piece intertwines the Tryzub and Byzantine cross within the confines of a loving heart. Meticulously crafted in both Sterling Silver and 14kt solid gold, this pendant is a visual symphony of religious devotion and cultural symbolism, creating a unique and meaningful accessory.

gold god and country heart pendant

4. Tryzub Heart Ring: Sterling Silver, 14kt Gold

Make a bold statement with the Tryzub Heart Ring, a masterpiece that seamlessly marries intricate design with captivating brilliance. The beveled Tryzub detail adds a touch of enchantment to the open design on the sides and top of the ring. Adorned with 32 CZ stones, this ring radiates brilliance and captivates attention wherever you go. For those seeking the epitome of luxury, inquire about diamond pricing. Available in both Sterling Silver and 14kt solid gold.

gold tryzub heart ring

Special Note on Sizing and Availability: For the Tryzub Heart Ring, it’s important to mention that it’s a special order item. The stock ring size is 12.5, and resizing options are available from 8.5 to 13.5, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. The price reflects the cost of resizing, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Golden Lion Jewelry invites you to celebrate love, heritage, and faith with our heart-shaped collection. Beyond being mere adornments, each piece is a symbol of the deep connections that make life truly meaningful. Order your piece today and let your heart’s story shine with Golden Lion Jewelry.


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