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This ornate, handcrafted 14kt gold Saint Nicholas Golgotha cross pendant is sure to attract some attention.

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This ornate, handcrafted 14kt gold Saint Nicholas Golgotha cross pendant is sure to attract some attention.

The letters “Ц” and “C” are Slavonic (Cyrillic) for “Tse” and “S” (the “Tse” looks like a U but it has a small extension down the right-hand side that is sometimes difficult to discern). The “ЦC” (Tse and S) stands for “Tsar Slavy” (King of Glory) and is sometimes placed as a title of Christ: ‘King of the Jews’. On this cross the letters “IC” represent the Greek characters Iota and Sigma the first and last letters of Jesus. The letters “XC” represent Chi and Sigma the first and last letters of Christ.

The skull and crossbones are meant to represent Adam’s (the first man’s) remains. The following is just a story, but quote a meaningful one. Adam, known to some as the first man, had his remains passed along the generations, from Noah to Melchisedech, and later buried at Golgotha. When Jesus was being crucified in the same location, the flow of Jesus’ blood down from the cross onto the skull of Adam, who committed the first sin, represented the sacrifice of Jesus that washes away the sin of mankind.

The Saint Andrew cross (sometimes referred to as an Orthodox cross or three-barred cross) shows up frequently in Eastern European and Slavic religious art and symbolism. The first short bar represents the sign on the Jesus’ cross, many times with “INRI,” the Latin initials for the phrase: “Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.” The middle bar is the longest, and the bar upon which Jesus’ arms were outstretched and nailed. The final, bottom bar is the footrest, supporting Jesus’ body. Several reasons have been given for the slant of the bottom bar. One surmises that, at the moment of Jesus’ death, His foot slipped, and the footrest tilted. Another, more symbolic interpretation (and our favorite), refers to the thief who was crucified next to Jesus (on his right side, to be precise). This “Wise Thief” repented his sins, and went to heaven. The unrepentant thief on the left side of Christ had another destination after death. As to the name of the cross, tradition teaches that when the Apostle Andrew preached he would always have a life-size three-barred cross at his side. When he would get to the Last Judgement, he tilted the footplate to signify that those on the right side of Christ go to heaven, while those on the left side will go to hell.

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